About Us

About Us

In the late 1900s, as many Swaminarayan Vadtal Gadi devotees immigrated from India to America, a group of Satsangis in New Jersey began to gather and conduct regular Satsang Sabhas. These Sabhas initially began in homes and grew into rented halls, allowing many hundreds of devotees to gather. Many Santos and Dharmakul frequently traveled from India to America during this time to encourage and grow the Satsang movement. As the Satsang movement grew, in 1997, a piece of land was purchased in Somerset, New Jersey, to build a Mandir where thousands of devotees could gather to offer prayers to Bhagwan Swaminarayan. In the presence of thousands of Santos and devotees, Bhumi Pujan was performed by H.D.H. P.P. D.D. 1008 Acharya Shree Ajendraprasadji Maharaj. In 2004, H.D.H. P.P. D.D. 1008 Acharya Shree Rakeshprasadji Maharaj performed Murti Pratishtha of Harikrushna Maharaj in the presence of many respected Santos from India. Throughout the years, many Santos of Vadtal Desh have resided at this temple to offer their service to this temple and community. Many devotees have been inspired to practice the teachings and lessons of Bhagwan Swaminarayan. Hundreds of devotees gather to offer prayers and partake in religious activities every Saturday. The temple regularly celebrates large Hindu festivals such as Janmasthmi, Ramnavmi, Shivratri, Holi, Diwali, and Tulsi Vivah.

Mandir Saints

Mahant Shree Ramdasji Swami


Bhandari Shree Shrirangdasji Swami


Board of Trustees

Mrugesh Patel



Indravadanbhai Patel

Vice President


Trushar Patel



Harshad Patel (Khandhli)

Executive Committee


Pareshbhai Patel (Nikora)

Executive Committee


Jwalant Trivedi

Executive Committee


Mukesh Papipaya

Board of Trustee


Mukundbhai Patel

Board of Trustee


Bhanubhai Sojitra

Board of Trustee


Girishbhai Patel (Sanjaya)

Board of Trustee


Ajitbhai Patel (Palana)

Board of Trustee


Operational Departments

Youth Activities

Punit, Viha, Megh

Buy grocery

Ghanshyambhai Narsanda, Indravadanbhai

Coordinating serving prasad

Rasikbhai, Dineshbhai, Yogeshbhai, Dharmendra, Snehal

Serving Prasad

Rasikbhai, Dineshbhai, Yogeshbhai, Dharmendra, Snehal

Kids food

Nilesh, Pinal, Harsh Patel, Megh

Website Communication

Vishal, Jwalantbhai

Social Media

Kinjal, Kishan, Panth, Rushi

Event Planning

Dineshbhai, Yogeshbhai, Ram swami

Event preparation

Ashmitaben, Yogeshbhai, Dineshbhai, Pritesh

Santo Relationship

Bhanubhai, Mukundbhai, Deval

Inside Decoration

Nipun, Vikram, Dhara

Outside Decoration

Nilesh, Hiral, Ami, Pinal

Bldg. Maintenance

Yogeshbhai, Indravadanbhai, Nilesh

Mandir Store

Harshadbhai (Nagpur), Devendrabhai (Pij), Janakbhai

Hall & catering

Hitesh, Trushar

Food Service

Harshadbhai (Nagpur), Devendrabhai (Pij)

Young Kids Activities

Pinal, Dhara, Hetal

Education Classes

Jwalant, Chetan, Vikram

Fund Collection

Ajitbhai, Harshadbhai (Khandli), Ghanshyambhai (Narsanda)

Fund Raising

Mukundbhai (Boston), Ram Swami

Pledge collection

Pinal, (Harshadbhai Khandli), Hetal, V.M. Patel

Religious Singing

Vishal, Dineshbhai, Viranchibhai, Bharatbhai, Ghanshyambhai (Meghva)


Bapu, Jay Patel (Navli), Indravadanbhai, Ghanshyambhai (Narsanda)

Bathroom Cleaning

Narendrabhai (Bhalej)

Bathroom restocking

Pinal, Hitesh

Interior Cleaning

Rasik, Snehal, Mrugesh, Hitesh


Mrugesh, Hiral, Punit, Kishan, Meet

Public relation

Kalpesh, Vikram, Devendrabhai (Pij)


Nilesh Kheni, Dineshbhai, Ram Swami

Kitchen Team

Ashmitaben, Neha, Amrutaben

Cooking Food

Narendrabhai Bhalej, Ghanshyambhai Nikora, Natudada